Below are stories of some of Milwaukee’s hard-working makers.
And no, they don’t go by “influencers”.


Below are stories of some of Milwaukee’s hard-working makers. And no, they don’t go by “influencers”.

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Milwaukee Philanthropist

Meet Joshua Scarver. He’s a local charity organizer here in Milwaukee. Born and raised in the city we call home, Josh is the founder of #DWYDGives, a local organization that aims to spread hope and inspiration for children and families in Milwaukee. Since starting #DWYDGives, over 20,000 toys and books have been collected for children through Milwaukee Child Advocacy Center. Charity founder, philanthropist, change-maker.


Milwaukee Chef

Hand. Made. Pasta. It’s Adam Pawlak’s MO. Since 2018, Pawlak has been slinging fresh and flavorful Italian inspired by his Sicilian heritage, right here in Milwaukee, WI. When he isn’t cracking eggs and kneading dough at his Milwaukee restaurant Egg & Flour, he’s working alongside local charities and providing his catering services for those in need. Something we love about Adam? His commitment to keeping his product handcrafted. It’s something we have in common.

Adam Pawlak Egg & Flour


Milwaukee Woodworker

Meet Jordan. He’s a local artist, musician, woodworker, and poster-man for our heritage cap-toe boot, the Pfister. Just like the Pfisters, Jordan is old-school cool. Modern tools? Forget it. Long days in his Walker’s Point workshop lead to some of Milwaukee’s finest handcrafted furniture, made with hand tools and a devotion to the craft.


Milwaukee Choreographer

When he isn’t out spreading positivity as a motivational speaker, he’s usually in the studio, choreographing and teaching children. For Chris, the main focus is instilling even more positivity back into Milwaukee. While he makes moves in the studio, we think he also makes Milwaukee a better, brighter, and bolder city.


Milwaukee Firefighter

They were large boots to fill, but it goes without saying–Danny does our Farwell boots serious justice. When he isn’t putting out fires or rescuing stranded kittens from trees, he’s working with Milwaukee-based organization Ignite The Spirit to help support sick, injured or fallen firefighters and their families in times of need.


Milwaukee Clothing Designer

Handcrafted with care. That’s something our boots and Brema’s clothing have in common. Brema founded and directs his own clothing company, Unfinished Legacy. Along with his unique designs, he also focuses on social impact and improving supply chain for Milwaukee based businesses.



Whether you’re making art, music, community ties or big business moves, you’re making shit happen.
And that’s what we’re about.

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