Handcrafted for the long haul.

Inspired by and designed in Milwaukee, WI.

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Our ambassadors are people making a big impact in our city. Our family, neighbors, friends and heroes. Craftsmen, creators, doers, and weekend warriors. All from Milwaukee. All wearing Milwaukee Boot Co.

Built on history.

Made for the future.

Milwaukee was once the leader in leather manufacturing. Now we’re doing our part to bring the spirit back. For decades we handcrafted leather goods with painstaking care for other brands under private label. While private label is still a major part of our business, this brand is our opportunity to not only bring our craft to the market directly, but to showcase our love for the city we live and work in. And it all started because of our neighbors and passersby, right here at our offices.

We design, warehouse and distribute our product from our headquarters in Milwaukee. Right down the road is our flagship retail store, located inside of the historic Iron Horse Hotel.

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